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I just lost a whole huge LJ post the I worked of for a long time.  Grrr.  Trying to redo it!!  Its about how my life is soo Grrr and up and down.  yesh.  GRRRRR.

First!  Up!  Yesterday was fricking awesome.  After work, Erin and I wandered around looking in various shops, then ended up at Dairy Queen (I wanted Ice cream).  Where we saw Skylee, and talked a bit to Erin's friend Kage.  And ate Cheap Cheesburgers.  Actually, they were bacon ones, and I ate two, but on the second one I realized it was cheaper than a regular cheesburger, so I got it without Bacon ^_^  Yay me!  Then we listened to music and thought of what songs we would want to sing at Kareoke.  Which was frickin fun.  Erin got new ninties stuff!  YAY!
After that, we stopped in at mills, and I talked with Doug and Will for a bit, and looked for some Nickleback sheet music, but they didn't have any : /  Oh well, I will order the whole book later.  When we left Mills, I realized I was supposed to go to Abby's, and we left and hung out there for a bit.  I gotta see Robin, and Abby, and Adam, and Mike, and it was spiffy.  and we were all crazy, and for some reason when Abby said Soda, three people thought she said Shota.  Which lead to funness.

After that, was Kareoke.  Which started out as kinda uncomfortable cause Jason was there with only erin and I, while Connor and Brian (yay) were playing pool.  *shakes fist at them*  However, Mom showed up then with Autum and Jessie, and Jonny and LAURA in tow!!  Which was total fun.  From then on it was great, as we all joked around and had fun.  Not to mention, while Erin and I were singing TaTu (for teh win) James, Adam R and Ann showed up.  Around Nine, Mike came too, and did a couple songs that made us all  laugh.  Mike is good at that.  : )  so we all danced around, and had a good time.  And Erin and I sang songs for the boys. We did Yellow, and Mike left in the middle to go to the bathroom XDD  silly Mike.  Plus, James was all sweet and sang a song just for me : )  Which made me go all blushy and Shy.  And I think Jason go the hint, since he slowly started hanigng less and less around us, and more with other people.  Like Karen, and at the pool table.  I sang so many songs.  It was great : )  And I got James to sing a song with me, Vincent.  Then I sang Can't Help Falling in Love, and totally pwned it :)  People were slow dancing to me singing, it was sooooo sweet!!!  (yes I am a helpless romantic)
Sadly, I started feeling really crappy, and my throat was hurting, but I managed, and it was a great reason to rest on james chest, which is an awesome place to be.  So I pretty much curled up on him in between dancing and singing.  Also, I accidently cute my wrist on something : (  It's this like, scrap/gash thing that bled last night, and really really hurts now, and I have no idea how I got it!

However, when I got home, it wasn't so great.  Sirianna got into my MSN account and fucked with it, and talked to Snake, who I need to talk to about shit.  Since apparently he was saying stuff or something.  I'm not sure.  What I do know is that it really really really pissed me off that she did that.  Grrr.  Bitch.
Though, that wasn't what really got me.  What got me was what happened after I went to bed.  Siriann and Niccolo started fighting in a really horrible way.  It started off mild, and over nothing.  They were arguing about the volume of sirianna's music.  But then one thing led to another, with Niccolo aggravating Sirianna by calling her horrible names, and Sirianna trying to break things, and hurt people.  My mom was in the middle of it, trying to play ref.  But it was horrible.  Like something my dad would do but worse.  It just spun all out of control.  : /  Then it ended with the house partially trashed, my sister running away, me shaking uncontroably, wanting to leave, freaking out.  My mom thinking my brother is suicdal.  Me cutting twice, but that was in the backround.  No one but me knew that.  Knows that.  My sister slapping my mom.  I had to stay, cause my mom didn't want to leave my brothe ralone, and she went out, trying to find Sirianna.  She searched and I stayed home until my dad got here.  Then She went to bed in her bed, My dad kept looking, and I went and slept in my car.  why did I do that?  Because the car is MY place.  Its where I feel safe.  Plus I figured I might be able to leave at some point, and there was the added bonus of a lock with no key but the ones I have.  So I was able to be at peace, sure of the fact that I was away from them.
My dad ended up finding my sister in her bed sometime in the early morning.  Lying in her bed.  Asleep.  Somehow she sliped past everyone and got to her bed.  Pissed my dad off a bit.  But whatever.

They are all outside or gone right now.  My mom and dad doing outdoor things, my sister at a freinds house, and niccolo went to chruch.  I like the silence.  IT soothes me.  Yeah.

Tomorow I am gonna hang out with James for a bit, then run some errands.  After that, I'll come home to meet Adam and watch J2 with him and work on the webcomic.  Supposdly.  We might not get it done XD  Yesh.


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